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Vacation Planning Articles

This vacation is going to be expensive. I want to help you make the most of it!

Saving money in today's world is a necessity... Knowing your money was well spent is a luxury!

With the right advice and planning tips you will spend A LOT less time in lines and crowds, and spend less money! What a perfect combo! ;>)

My 'Monthly Express Planers' have everything you need to plan YOUR vacation during its month of the year. Things change quite a bit from month to month, so that's how I present my advice. Makes more sense that way doesn't it? And they're linked from every page so you're never more than one click away from YOUR planning advice!

Crowd Expectations by the week Links to 'Essentials of Essentials'
Holiday Planning Advice 'Your' Park Hours & Entertainment
Seasonal Itinerary Advice Downloadable Itinerary Planners

I present all of my advice through my 'TGMiKE's Seven Planning Steps' sections of the Vacation Articles. Glance through that column on the left and you'll see I cover everything a guest needs for an awsome vacation!

Planning Step 1: My Hotel
Planning Step 2: My Events & Activities
Planning Step 3: My Itinerary (including Seasonal Advice)
Planning Step 4: My Dining
Planning Step 5: My Tickets
Planning Step 6: My Park Touring including highly detailed Sample Park Tours for the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Planning Step 7:
Everything Else! (Planning for Babies & Children, Transportation, Romance Planning, & More)

Do you want THE fun-filled, fantastic, worth-every-dollar vacation of your dreams? Click the purchase button and let me share my exclusive vacation planning and park touring advice!

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Our party of 15 has recently returned from Disney World after a truly wonderful vacation, which was due largely to your A.V.P. and fantastic information! We moved here from Australia 12 months ago with a dream of being able to visit Disney World whilst we were here, but not knowing where to start with regards to the planning, we were totally overwhelmed by the information available on the Internet.

Thanks to you, I was able to make this dream a reality. I cannot thank you enough for all your tips on where to stand during parades, how to minimize waiting times, when to eat in order to avoid waiting for tables etc., etc. For us this was a once in a lifetime opportunity which we were able to make the absolute most of thanks to you and your web site. Thank you so much!

Cathy O., Australia

Your TourGuideMiKE AVP™

Get The Most From Your AVP!: Your TourGuideMiKE Automated Vacation Planner™ was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, but let's make sure you know how to take full advantage of everything it provides! Say this as if you are me, "RELEASE My Po-o-ower!" followed by a Super-Hero-type 'roar,' and you'll understand why I wrote these accompanying articles!

Planning Step 1: My Hotel

My Hotel Planning: The first thing many of us do when planning for a vacation is choosing and then reserving our hotel. It’s no different at the Walt Disney World Resort! I have authored a library of vacation planning articles to help you, and you’ll understand exactly how to use them to your advantage!

Planning Step 2: My Events & Activities

My Special Event & Activity Planning: Walt Disney World has SO MANY fun special events and activities throughout the year! I cover them in the 'Events & Activities' section of the AVP, but review the articles here for more useful information about them!

Planning Step 3: My Itinerary

My Itinerary Planning Basics: Everything has to have a beginning point. This is where your vacation itinerary planning must begin for the best possible experience! It's important! Let's make sure you understand these basic principles before you get started on everything else. Why? Because 'everything else' I'm going to teach you is centered around them!

Monthly Calendar Clipboards & Entertainment Guides: Every month of every year has factors or events that can impact your vacation plans. To ensure that YOU get the info YOU need about YOUR month at Walt Disney World, I provide a ‘Calendar Clipboard’ and 'Entertainment Guide' for your TourGuideMiKE AVP! I keep them updated with the most recent news, announcements, scheduling changes, etc. to help you as much as I can! (Click here to review Past Calendar Clipboards & Entertainment Guides.)

Monthly Least Crowded Parks Charts: Use these color-keyed charts to learn which parks are the least crowded options for each day and evening of your vacation. I provide my reasoning behind everything so you can easily decide what's best for you!

Holiday & Peak Season Planning Advice: When are you coming? The summer? Christmas? Halloween? Easter? I've got you covered! These are the busiest travel seasons that require customized itinerary and park touring tips. Let's review what you need to know!

Planning Step 4: My Dining

My Dining Planning: I know how important food is, and I want to help you arrange your many Disney dining experiences. The vacation planning articles in this section cover everything you need to know about the what’s, where’s, when’s, and how’s of restaurants at Walt Disney World!

Planning Step 5: My Tickets

My Tickets Planning: Yes, I do have an entire section of TourGuideMiKE.Com devoted to the World of tickets and Disney packages! You should definitely have a look at this information when you're ready. But ... there's more to the ticket-buying process than simply choosing the best one. Let's review the other topics you should keep in mind.

Planning Step 6: My Park Touring

My Park Touring Planning: Big statement coming: Consider the information you learn in the following articles to be the most valuable in your TourGuideMiKE Automated Vacation Planner™. How much are they worth? Oh ... about $100 per hour when you apply what you learn! (That's how much I'm paid on VIP Tours.) :>)

Magic Kingdom Sample Tours: Yes, you CAN tour the Magic Kingdom like a ‘pro and not wait in any long lines no matter how busy the travel season is! How do I know? Because I’ve hosted hundreds of guests in this park for many years and know ALL the ‘tricks of the trade.’ Review my sample tours to have the most F-U-N!

Epcot Sample Tours: Epcot is a H-U-G-E theme park! In fact, it's Disney's largest! So ... how do you plan on making the most of your day, afternoon, and/or evening there, huh? Would you like to know how a professional VIP Tour Guide tours the place? ;>)

Disney's Hollywood Studios Sample Tours: Wow! We have the Tower of Terror, Rock'n'Roller, Toy Story Midway Mania OR ... Playhouse Disney to plan for! Let's decide exactly 'how' you're going to tour the park once you pass through those turnstiles! Sample Tours = Good / Crowds & Lines = Bad! ;>)

Animal Kingdom Sample Tours: Disney's Animal Kingdom has been one of my top favorite parks since they opened. Have a look at my sample tours and you'll see how easy it is to combine the Africa Safari, Asia, Dinoland, U.S.A., and Festival of the Lion King! :>)

Planning Step 7: Everything Else!

My Baby & Young Child Planning: We have to take care of them and keep them happy right? Happy babies and kids provide happy memories for everyone around them. (And we all know I do mean visa versa as well ...) This entire section will help you review everything you should know about bringing your little one(s) to the Walt Disney World Resort!

My Transportation Planning: Deciding how you're going to get from 'Point A' to 'Point B' is always a concern when you go on vacation, isn't it? Let's go over everything you need to know about rental cars, taxis, limo services, and Disney's own complimentary services!

My Romance Planning: [Reviewed July 26, 06]
Yes, we really must accept that Walt Disney World is THE most popular FAMILY haven on Earth. (And, no, there's nothing wrong with a bunch of playing, screaming, children is there?) But ... Let me give you the 'skinny on how very romantic this place can be!

Archived Vacation Planning Art

Archived Calendar Clipboards: I update everyone's Calendar Clipboards with their park hours & entertainment schedules, and anything else tip-related, as soon as the info is released from Disney. I began writing these in December 2002, so if your future vacation's month is still looking pretty bare, you can reference the appropriate Calendar Clipboard from mid-2004 through 2006 and learn what to expect! (Psssst ... Click here to see the current Calendar Clipboards.)

Archived Park Hours & Entertainment: I also archive these past 'Monthly Park Hours & Entertainment' guides because their respective Calendar Clipboards link to them AND it's important information for those trying to plan their itineraries BEFORE Disney officially releases the new information. See ... history is a good thing ... ;>)

Archived Least Crowded Parks Charts: It's always helpful to review last year's info for your same vacation dates if the current schedules have not yet been released by Disney. As always, review my logic -- not the specific day by day recommendations.

Temporary Archived Articles: All of these are articles that will most likely be deleted because they're no longer needed. I'm hiding them wa-a-a-y down here at the very bottom for a little while! ;>)

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All of my vacation planning articles are organized in the categories below:
Your TourGuideMiKE AVP™
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Planning Step 1: My Hotel
My Hotel Planning
Planning Step 2: My Events & Activities
My Special Event & Activity Planning
Planning Step 3: My Itinerary
My Itinerary Planning Basics
Monthly Calendar Clipboards & Entertainment Guides
Monthly Least Crowded Parks Charts
Holiday & Peak Season Planning Advice
Planning Step 4: My Dining
My Dining Planning
Planning Step 5: My Tickets
My Tickets Planning
Planning Step 6: My Park Touring
My Park Touring Planning
Magic Kingdom Sample Tours
Epcot Sample Tours
Disney's Hollywood Studios Sample Tours
Animal Kingdom Sample Tours
Planning Step 7: Everything Else!
My Baby & Young Child Planning
My Transportation Planning
My Romance Planning
Archived Vacation Planning Art
Archived Calendar Clipboards
Archived Park Hours & Entertainment
Archived Least Crowded Parks Charts
Temporary Archived Articles

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