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My Itinerary Planning Basics

Everything has to have a beginning point. This is where your vacation itinerary planning must begin for the best possible experience! It's important! Let's make sure you understand these basic principles before you get started on everything else. Why? Because 'everything else' I'm going to teach you is centered around them!

Plan a Genuine WDW 'Resort' Experience
EVERYTHING in the entire TourGuideMike Automated Vacation Planner is built around the basic itinerary planning principles shared in this article. It is THE most important advice provided. Please read it; accept it as the best way to plan and experience your vacation, and apply it once you're here!

Top 5 Itinerary Planning Principles
Letís review the five basic principles you should consider when designing your own day-to-day vacation itinerary!

When Should You Visit the Water Parks?
There is advice all over the place on which days of the week to visit the theme parks, but what about the water parks? Consider them an excellent 'break' opportunity! Let's cover what's most important!

Design Your Day-to-Day Vacation Itinerary!
Learn how to 'put it all together' to design a perfect vacation itinerary. Combine these tips with the Least Crowded Parks charts for your vacation dates and you're all set for a great vacation!

MK: When Should YOU See the Main Street Electrical Parade?
It would make our lives so-o-o much easier if Disney showed their beautiful, memorable, magical Main Street Electrical Parade every evening like Epcot does with its IllumiNations, but they don't. You can't change that, but you can make sure you know the most optimal night and times to go!

HS: Fantasmic Dinner Package & Reserved Seating
[Updtd Aug 7, 13] Disney provides the Fantasmic Dinner Package for guests who donít mind dining at a table service restaurant for dinner and then having reserved seating for the show. ĎDisneyí says it doesnít really cost anything extra. Should you Ďinvestí in this package? Letís check out the details!

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The articles below are in this same "My Itinerary Planning Basics" category:
Plan a Genuine WDW 'Resort' Experience
Top 5 Itinerary Planning Principles
When Should You Visit the Water Parks?
Design Your Day-to-Day Vacation Itinerary!
MK: When Should YOU See the Main Street Electrical Parade?
HS: Fantasmic Dinner Package & Reserved Seating

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