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Future World East

Future World East is the entire left side of the park. Itís not always abundantly clear on Disneyís artsy (as in pretty) guide map, but the only way to reach its attractions is to pass through a large breezeway to the left of the Ďcanít miss ití Innovention Fountains behind Spaceship Earth (the large golf ball).

When you come out the other side, you are in another expansive, open area that is home to three pavilions with three fun attractions.

Letís discover all the fun places you can visit in this section of Future World! I list all of the attractions below:

Mission: SPACE
The year is 2036, and the International Space Training Center (ISTC) has invited you to fly on a mission to Mars. Youíll blast from the Earthís orbit, slingshot around the moon, and land at its North Polar Cap. What? Youíve never been an astronaut before? No worries Ė theyíll take care of that!

Ellen's Energy Adventure
Bill Nye the Science Guy takes Ellen (and us) on a 65 million year time-travel journey to the age of the dinosaurs. Oh, and did I mention this is all a dream?

Test Track
Hop aboard, buckle in, and get ready for the longest and fastest ride at the Walt Disney World Resort! No, itís not the Monorail, silly! Iím talking about Test Track!

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My info about the Epcot: Future World Section attractions is divided into:
Spaceship Earth Plaza
Future World East
Future World West

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The attractions in Future World East:
Mission: SPACE
Ellen's Energy Adventure
Test Track

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