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Spaceship Earth Plaza

For some reason, Disney never gave a name to the entire area in front of and behind the parkís icon, Spaceship Earth. Thatís surprising because theyíre always so clever with these things!

Since Epcotís Future World is so clearly divided into three main sections, and I wanted you to easily navigate my coverage of everything available, Iíve come up with my own name, Spaceship Earth Plaza. Not very fancy, I know, but it does the job, right?

You enter Ďmyí area as soon as you pass through the parkís turnstiles. In front of you is the incredible combination of steel and countless triangles, Spaceship Earth! Did you know thereís a ride inside? You can visit the link below and learn all about it!

On the other side is a wide-open area that extends to a beautiful water fountain, the Innovention Fountains. No, itís not your imagination! The water jets and explosions are timed to the music! Located to its left and right are Innoventions East and West, two distinctly different areas waiting for you to explore everything they have inside.

Some late night fun! Spaceship Earth remains open until 9 p.m. even though many of the attractions in the area usually close at 7 p.m. Be sure and grab a TIMES GUIDE when you first arrive for the most current information!

Letís get a move on! Weíve got a lot of places to discover in Epcotís Future World, and Spaceship Earth Plaza is only the beginning of a fun day! Visit all the links below:

Spaceship Earth
Ride a slow, winding path through 40,000 years of human development, and witness our efforts to improve communication. Your tour begins with the cavemen and ends with the near future!

Innoventions East & West
See your Times Guide for details] Learn about and interact with the products that will change our lives tomorrow, today. There are two separate sections to explore on each side of the open plaza behind Spaceship Earth!

Epcot Character Spot
Are you aware of the Toontown Hall of Fame at the Magic Kingdom? It's where you can meet a variety of VERY popular Disney characters all in one place and in a comfortable, air-conditioned space. You can also visit the building in Epcot that provides the same outstanding opportunity!

Club Cool
Shop for fun Coca-Cola merchandise while enjoying FREE SODA (!) from all over the world!

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Spaceship Earth Plaza
Future World East
Future World West

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The attractions in Spaceship Earth Plaza:
Spaceship Earth
Innoventions East & West
Epcot Character Spot
Club Cool

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