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Yes! You can experience a Walt Disney World vacation without its infamous lines & crowds with the right itinerary planning and park touring advice.

Our thousands of families report never waiting more than 10 to 15 minutes for their rides, even during Disney's busiest travel seasons. It's most often less than that. Use Mike's years of experience as a VIP Private Guide to the rich & famous, date-specific Least Crowded Parks itinerary planning advice, and detailed Sample Park Tours and neither will you.

His simple formula: Learn what "they" [the crowds] will do each day and do the opposite whenever possible. Zag when they zig. "They" don't know how to visit Disney World the optimal way, nor how to maximize their vacation dollars. It is this real world knowledge that sets Mike's advice apart from anyone else.

Avoid the long lines and crowds! Ride the best rides for your party, see the best shows, dine at the best restaurants -- learn everything you need to know before you arrive! He teaches you how to be your own VIP Tour Guide and provides all the Disney vacation planning information you need with your own personalized vacation planner and organizer.

Pay only $21.95 on our secure, encrypted purchase page and access his exclusive 'VIP Tour Guide' itinerary planning and park touring tips. How many thousands of dollars are you investing in this vacation? Experience the most possible fun without the infamous lines, crowds, & hassles. It is possible. Mike has been providing these vacations for many, many families just like yours for over 15 years.

Plan your vacation and tour the parks like a professional VIP Tour Guide!

After you process your Vacation Preferences Questionnaire, you will be able to access his:

Monthly Express Planning Guide that highlights his 'essentials of the essentials' advice for your specific dates.

Date-specific, day-by-day Least Crowded Parks guides that provide the least crowded parks to visit on each day and evening of your vacation to avoid the heaviest crowds and lines.
Sample Park Tours for each Disney park. These ride-to-ride descriptions are the same tours used by Mike and his VIP Private Guides.
Recommended 'best of the best' attractions for your party profile. Each attraction/show description comes with all his 'VIP Tour Guide' tips like child warnings, best viewing advice, and trivia.
'Least Crowded Times to Visit' pages for each of your Disney theme parks. It displays your recommended attractions into the best portions of the day to avoid crowds and lines all day.
Recommended Disney restaurants that meet your personal dining preferences.
Access to our private TourGuideMiKE forums. This super-friendly place is great for seeking help with your itinerary planning and park touring plans, or anything else that will help you.
And drumroll ... A countdown feature to the first day of your vacation! Woohoo! ;>)

Review a few of Mike's many endorsements and ask yourself two questions: 1) "Is this the type of Disney vacation we're hoping for?" and 2) "How can we not benefit from his advice?"

Invest only $21.95 today and be on your way to the wonderful, magical, memorable Walt Disney World vacation your family deserves!

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Your itineraries and your advice were 100% accurate. We never, and I mean never, waited in any lines. It was one of the best vacations we ever took and I owe most of the credit to your AVP! Thanks!!
Ilene G., IL
Just wanted to let you know your tour information was PERFECT. We had the best time and referred to your info frequently. Your best times to visit, best places to see the shows, best time to ride the rides were all very helpful. In fact, we avoided almost all the lines. I will definitely recommend your service to all my friends!
Shayne M., WA
Thank You!! Your Vacation Planner and info were a godsend. We made it through the park in record time. We rode everything we wanted and still had time to ride Space Mt. and Thunder Mt. 3 more times each. This was well worth the money. I was skeptical at first but am SO-o-o-o glad I took the plunge. I have been singing your praises since our return. I will definitely recommend your site to everyone. Thank you -- I can't say that enough.
Debby McC., OH
We had a great trip. Your best days chart, many tips, and itineraries were great, and helped us spend most of our time on the rides and not waiting for the rides. We had a fun and enjoyable visit, with little or no whining, complaining, crying, mood swings, or tantrums. Just as a vacation should be. We had a fabulous time! Thank you!!
Trish McG., SC
We are veteran Disney visitors who have spent around 5 weeks a year there since 1998, and we almost didn't think we needed more advice, but your information is just great! I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time we have used the AVP. Having your touring plans and days to go to the parks advice is just totally invaluable. We don't go out of the door now without first consulting TGM!!
Samantha G., Towcester, U.K.
I just wanted to thank you personally for your TourGuideMiKE planning site. Using the AVP's guidance, I was able to plan a Walt Disney World vacation that truly exceeded my family's expectations. My family was stunned at how much we were able to accomplish, yet still have plenty of time for relaxation. I now have the freedom of knowing I can have fun there any time of the year, regardless of crowd levels.
Julie M., MD
We just returned from our August vacation and want to thank you for you for your great service and advice. We have been to Disney a few times and must say that by following your advice we did not hit any waits longer than 10 to15 minutes. The kids got to ride every ride at least once and at times twice in a row without waiting!!
Glen C., NY
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